What A Year

Oh my.  How time has flown, and what a wonderful year it has been.  From spending my senior year of college surrounded by amazing friends, to graduating, and flying across the world.  I couldn't have asked for a better year filled with so much love and laughter. 2017 has been a year of growth.  Throughout…Read more What A Year


The Little Things

The older I get, the more I believe that the little things mean the most.  My trip to New Zealand started out with a poor experience at an AirBnB in Auckland, but one old lady turned my day around with a simple smile.  I was at a quaint cafe enjoying some pancakes and bacon while…Read more The Little Things


Everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes it’s hard to understand why things happen, but I believe it’s all part of a bigger plan that we can’t yet see. It’s great when things happen that bring you happiness, but with happiness comes an array of other emotions.  Sadness, anger, confusion, the list goes on.  But so…Read more ehfar

Whitsunday Weekend

I think I found earth's version of heaven this past weekend.  The Whitsunday Islands are a magical place that are absolutely breathtaking. I went with my friend Paul, and he got out of work early so we could get some sunshine.  Unfortunately, there was an accident on the only road we could take, so we…Read more Whitsunday Weekend

The City of Four Seasons 

Sunshine, clouds, rain, wind.  Have you ever experienced all those climate changes in one day?  Well if you're interested, make your way to Melbourne!   I made my way down from Townsville, a place where the sun shines everyday.  I tried to be prepared, bringing a jumper and a rain jacket and I'm certainly glad…Read more The City of Four Seasons